Blue Moose Literacy’s Mission

We are a group of educators with deep knowledge in the science of reading and the needs of dyslexic students. With training in the behavioral sciences, extensive background in the area of speech and language development, and years in the trenches using the Orton-Gillingham approach, we seek to integrate that knowledge in all we do. We stand on the wisdom of our pioneers while integrating current research in reading and cognitive science.

We believe every child is unique and deserves individualized diagnostic-prescriptive instruction designed to meet their specific needs and build upon their strengths and interests. Providing such instruction requires great time and effort. Therefore, our goal is to share our experience and expertise to help you be as effective as possible with your individualized OG instruction.

We also believe strongly in the importance of taking care of oneself and having time for our family and friends. For that reason, we also want to help you be as efficient as possible so you can have the time for those important areas of life.

Making effective structured literacy instruction accessible and practical for educators and parents alike is how we seek to reach every student along their journeys to achieve literacy and, thus, to transform the state of education–one educator at a time.

What We Do

We provide training, mentoring, and consultation in the following areas:

  • Orton-Gillingham Courses- Classroom Educator & Associate Levels
  • Consulting Insight into unique student academic and processing strengths and weaknesses
  • Support in developing individualized goals and strategies
  • Strategies for effective introduction of new concepts and skills
  • Solutions for common pitfalls (such as b/d confusions, etc.) and the unique problems your students encounter


  • Workshops and webinars on specific topics of interest
  • Materials to provide effective engaging instruction
  • Video demonstrations of multisensory strategies
  • Encouragement along the fascinating road to building literacy for all